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Psychodrama focused here and now & relationships in the group

Group therapy is focused here and now. Group relationships are one of the most powerful tools in the group therapist's toolbox.

The relationships in the group form the basis for understanding and changing unhealthy patterns and distorted perception of reality.

The intimacy in the group and the readiness for transparency and deep processes are only the basis of the course - the "fuel" of the course are advanced tools of psychodrama for healing the here and now.

Among the subjects studied:

  • Foundations of work in the here and now.

  • Facilitating a "here and now" relationship is combined with psychodrama

  • Psychology of groups and stages of group development.

  • Encounter - Managing conflicts in the group as a tool for growth and change.

  • Advanced tools of psychodrama in the work of the here and now

**Psychodrama fundamentals is a  pre-requisite

August 5 -10

9:00 - 11:30

240 euro

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