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"The ability to take care of ourselves and our surroundings is an ability given to everyone.

We have the opportunity to be aware at any given moment of what we feel, to understand what oppresses us and to know that every given situation has a natural response that can advance the process and bring us back to balance. "

Dr. Edward Bach

The objective of this 4 day course is to provide you with a self- treatment method so you can support and balance yourself any time you need and everywhere you are. 

We will share with you the framework, the  tools and the insights to observe, identify and respond to imbalances and shifts in your daily life. 

We will explore the depths of our being while learning to identify and treat our emotional,  mental and spiritual states, allowing healing, personal balance and well being.

The method is based on 3 pillars:

Bach flower remedies, mindfulness and meditation, which allow us to connect to our source, realize where we are and what we need at this present moment and learn how to choose and combine the essences that support us in our current state (crises, stress, breakups, anger, traumas, etc.) 

Inviting transformation and growth, inner healing and a healthy and balanced reality on all levels - physical, spiritual and emotional.

The 3 pillars:

Bach Flower Remedies: Bach Remedies are an energetic and subtle treatment method that encourages self- healing and relieves the stress that affects our daily lives and our personal development. This method is based on 38 essences of wild flowers which were discovered and developed around 90 years ago by Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician and homeopath. These Flower Essence are a living energetic medicine made from the biological imprint of the living plant's vibrations in water. The vision of Dr. Bach was for each household to have a Bach Remedies kit to support adults, children, babies and animals.

Mindfulness: Practicing attentive awareness, to be fully present, exploring our consciousness through non-judgmental observation of our self. .

Meditation: We will practice different meditations - Kabbalah meditation, Guided imagery and Bach meditation. 

During the course, we will practice these tools every day as we explore different situations from our lives: Relationships (both romantic and with our family, friends and co workers), our relationship with money and the material world, our path in this life, our childhood and past experiences and traumas, what triggers us and stresses us and any situation that will present itself during the course.

We will learn how to deepen our connection to our source, to identify the essence of our being, work with our inner guides, allowing healing and growth in the various area of ​​our lives.

Course breakdown into topics and days:

Basics & introduction: Introducing of Bach Remedies method, Practice proper breathing through Bach meditation , learn how we identify essences for ourselves, and work on stress relief to begin the Bach journey from a relaxed space.

Self realization , My role in this world, The way to overcome what is holding me back From being my full potential: releasing control, fears, DNA and more.

Circle of Life:   Family - from childhood to the present day,  closures:

Our relationships with our parents/siblings , with our children, what  part of me as a child is still managing my life today. Receiving a healing frequency.

Relationships:  Soul mate, twin souls, our LOVE life, Bring the right people into my life, Kabbalah secrets for true Love

Spiritual life in the material world: To live in an abundance consciousness, attracting abundance into my life, money issues. 

Every day we will learn the essences that will support us and advance us to the next step, We will learn to concoct a bottle of several extracts that represent the situation in life in which we want to make a change in.

Studying Methods:

* Theory & Practice:

Understanding Dr. Bach's self-healing philosophy, learning the remedies and

implementing with guided meditations

* Experiencing the remedies on ourselves during the course

* Demonstrating through, and learning from our classmates’ personal experiences (demonstrating live cases within the group)

* Kabbalah Meditations: Meditating with the “72 names” technology from the kabbalah (scroll down to the posts section for an explanation of the 72 names technology)

* Guided Imagery meditation


* Introduction to the Bach flowers, their healing powers and their place in nature

* Identifying the situations for which these remedies should be used

* Self-diagnosis

* How to prepare the solution and how to use it in various situations

* Balancing various feelings and situations in our life, such as:

Releasing internal blockages

Balancing our mood

Relieving emotional and technical loads

Anger and anger bursts at home

Coping with fears

Hormonal balance (women)

And many more…

Daily Schedule 

We will begin our day with a yoga session (you can choose from 2 different styles) 

The healing essences course will be made up of 3 daily 2.5 hour sessions that will include instruction of the theoretical, practical and spiritual materials, guided meditations, diagnosing and preparing the formulas and getting to know the essences. Between the session we will enjoy and nurture ourselves with 3 amazing meals from Wonderlands delicious, abundant vegan buffet that we will share together everyday and enjoy Wonderland’s amazing space and facilities - Pool, Sauna, Cold plunge pool and a special high vibration environment. After dinner you are invited to participate in Wonderland’s evening activities or just enjoy and have a relaxing evening.

This course is for everyone!!!

If you've been practicing meditation and mindfulness for years or never practiced before…. We will learn and practice how to integrate these methods into our daily lives, getting to know ourselves better, connecting, balancing and supporting our self.

You will receive:

  • Treatment bottle - A bottle created from 7 essences that will support your “here and now” 

  • Bach Support Kit - Each participant will identify during the course their main essences (10-15) to create a support kit to have with them always (essences not included - must order from suppliers) 

  • Support group - You will be added to the Bach FB group and to a WhatsApp group where you can ask any questions you may have regarding the essences and the material practiced during the course… and to stay in touch with the other beautiful people from the course.

  • The invitation to attend future courses free of charge to deepen your understanding and practice 

  • Certificate of participation in the self treatment course which will give you credits for the future if you will choose to attend the practitioner training.

Vered Perry is a spiritual teacher and authorized group psychotherapist. She leads process meditations and trains Bach Therapists. She has been running a clinic for treating women in crisis for the past 15 years, as well as instructing courses and meditation workshops in Israel and abroad. She lives in Israel and will be joining us for this special Self Treatment course.


We will be spending our 4 days together in the beautiful Wonderland healing center. 

Wonderland Healing Center is located in the heart of Ko PhaNgan, an island paradise in the Gulf of Thailand. The resort is nestled among a lush, tropical forest with stunning mountain views, and is a 10-minute drive to several pristine beaches and local attractions. Wonderland facilities include a beautiful outdoor pool, herbal steam sauna, cold plunge pool, juice bar, one of a kind vegan restaurant and a super high heart frequency radiating all around.


All accommodations have AC, Free Wifi, Towels, Personal care products, Housekeeping & Laundry Service.

Private / Deluxe Double shared rooms:

All rooms have a superior king size bed or 2 double beds. 

An en-suit bathroom, kitchen with a fridge & coffee/tea making facilities. 

All rooms have large balconies with stunning mountain views, garden views and outside dining area.


Wonderland superior 4 - 6 bed dorm rooms are the most comfortable and beautiful dorms in Koh Phangan, with extra wide, super comfy single mattresses. Each dorm room has a shared bathroom and shower , small dining table and refrigerator.

Your Investment in you:

Private Deluxe: 690 euro - Early Bird 630 euro

Double Shared Superior Room: 550 euro / Early Bird 490 euro

Dorm: 480 euro / Early Bird 440 euro

** All accommodation options include full board at Wonderland, 3 amazing vegan meals a day and all of Wonderland's schedule and facilities.

Non residential - includes course & amazing daily lunch buffet: 420 euro / Early Bird 390 euro

Please contact us for a special price for Koh Phangan community residents. 

Please feel free to reach out and contact us for any questions you may have.

We would love to have you with us 💜

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