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Relationship "Here & Now" Group Therapy

August 27th - September 6th , 2024

In this module we will explore and dive deep, using the relationships and dynamics of the group, to identify and transform our inner patterns and pre-conditions.

Relational group therapy is based on the interactions and relationships formed between the group members in the here and now. Group relationships are one of the most powerful tools in the group therapist's toolbox.

The relationships in the group form the basis for understanding and changing unhealthy patterns and distorted perception of reality.

The intimacy created within the group and the readiness for transparency, authenticity and deep processes are the basis of this powerful co-healing platform - fueled with advanced psychodrama and therapeutic theater technics - we have the opportunity to heal through relationships it the hear and now what was wounded by relationships in our past.

Among the subjects studied:

  • Foundations of work in the here and now.

  • Facilitating a "here and now" relationship is combined with psychodrama

  • Psychology of groups and stages of group development.

  • Encounter - Managing conflicts in the group as a tool for growth and change.

  • Advanced tools of psychodrama in the work of the here and now

The relationship module in psychodrama is an ideal fit for individuals who work with groups in various capacities. Whether you are a group facilitator, team leader, HR professional, therapist, or anyone responsible for guiding and nurturing a group or team, this module offers invaluable insights, skills, and a deeper understanding of group processes. It equips you with practical tools to excel as a leader and facilitator in any group setting, promoting cohesion, collaboration, and emotional growth.

Following are the courses that make up this module:

Group therapy A - Group psychology

The purpose of the course: learning the basics of dynamic group therapy and its combination with psychodrama.

This course gives an understanding of how group psychotherapy works and has previously been studied in the processes of therapeutic groups and how psychodrama can inherit these parts for working with therapeutic groups.

Along with the study, the group will have an experience of integrating psychodrama techniques within the dynamics of relationships - "here and now therapy" so that there will be an integration between the basics of group therapy and the experiential process.

Topics such as: what are the therapeutic factors in the group, restoration of the facility of a first family group, the importance of interpersonal relationships and a corrective emotional experience, the group as a social microcosm, reconstruction and change of non-beneficial behavior patterns, group cohesion, therapeutic factors (statistical research), the therapist's role in working with transference and transparency, stages in the development of a group.

Group therapy B - Relationships in the group

The purpose of the course: relationship-focused therapy within the group -

An in-depth study of group therapy through the relationships in the group. Working with "here and now": here and now techniques, conflict management, illuminating the process.

"Here and now" therapy - facilitation course

The purpose of the course: guidance and practice of "relationship arena" in here and now therapy.

The participants will lead a "relationship arena" and in fact through the relationships they will perform psycho dramatic interventions in part of the group therapy process.

Sociometry A –

The purpose of the course: study, experience and practice basic techniques for mapping the interpersonal relationships in the group.

The human and therapeutic idea behind sociometry, basic concepts in sociometry, social atom, sociogram, 10 leading techniques for mapping and therapy of group relationships through exposing beliefs and distortions and correcting them through the sociometric process in the group.

Each module incorporates within it Psychodrama Fundamentals, tailored to that specific module.

Psychodrama fundamentals include the courses:

Psychodrama foundations. Classical Psychodrama A. Therapeutic Theater A

These cover role reversal, doubling technique, fundamentals of the inner child model, and the integration of therapeutic theater in psychodrama.

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