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The theater of the soul is one of the fascinating things that psychodrama brings to the world of therapy. Instead of talking about - playing the ...

The course's goal is to provide practical knowledge of classical-style psychodrama facilitation, while combining three minds - the director, the analyst, and the therapist. In this course we will integrate all three of these in the theatre of the soul and the human psyche.

Course Description 

The course will take place in the form of a theoretical and practical course in a group that develops and studies. The course offers an experiential and theoretical learning of classical psychodrama. Each student will direct warm-ups and psychodrama on stage - from life stories. Learning will integrate analysis and processing of decision making intersections in psychodrama.

Course Topics 

Basic concepts in classical psychodrama (heating, action, sharing) ; Sociometry and sociometric practice ; The Timeline in Psycho Dramatic Therapy - Past , Present , future ; Internal-based therapy - Intra-psychic - meeting the inner parts of the mind ; Spontaneity and creativity as a work tool in psychodrama ; The stage space in classical psychodrama ; Therapy - therapeutic motifs in psychodrama work ; Classical meets spiritual psychodrama ; Facilitating on Stage - Director - Analyst - Therapist

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