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In our modular training program the fundamentals of psychodrama are integrated into each one of the three modules, and tailored according to the focus of the module.

As part of the fundamentals will learn and experience the basics for group work through the stage platform, playback theater and psychodrama and their integration into the group therapy process.


Psychodrama fundamentals is composed of 3 courses:

Psychodrama Foundations

The purpose of the course: study and practice of the world of therapeutic concepts in psychodrama which are the cornerstones of psychodrama: ideas, beliefs, techniques and integration into the world of group therapy. Concepts such as: spontaneity, creativity, hunger for action, a preserved cultural product, and techniques such as: an empty chair, diverse techniques of changing roles, a double, an assisting ego interview, a protagonist interview (the protagonist of the plot) and more.

Therapeutic theater 1

The purpose of the course: study and practice of playback theater techniques as an actor and guidance as a director.

The knowledge of playback techniques and the ability to lead a playback group help the psychodrama leader a lot and increase his range of action in the treatment processes.

The participants will learn and practice a wide variety of playback techniques alongside the guidance of life stories on the theater stage in preparation for their integration on the psychodrama stage.

Classic psychodrama A - Inner child

The purpose of the course: Learn and practice guiding psychodrama on stage in the classical approach. Warm-up-action-sharing.

Learning and practicing all the cornerstones of the psychodramatic process - warm-up-action-participation, through the "inner child" model, through which we approach with emotion, understanding and consciousness the techniques and way of working of psychodrama.

In addition, topics such as: developmental stages guided by psychodrama, exploring various warm-up techniques.

Analysis and feedback are provided after each practice.

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