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2 day Immersion certified Training 

March 7 -8 , 2020

Koh Phangan, Thailand


" Life is sequence of events attracted and manifested by the dominant thoughts and feelings from our Subconscious mind regardless of what our Conscious mind wishes or desires. In this 2 day Immersion we will explore this phenomenon very deeply. "

Laughter Yoga Deep Immersion
March 7 - 8 , 2020
Registration & Inquiries:
WhatsApp +15106101933

Laughter Yoga - Hasya Yoga in Sanskrit , is an ancient technique that has already changed millions of people’s lives around the world.

This is a very Powerful and Mind-Blowing training in which you will practice Laughter Exercises, Laughter through Chakras, Laughter Breathing Techniques, Laughter Mantras, Laughter Tantra, Laughter Meditation, Gibberish and complete Relaxation. You will learn how to laugh unconditionally at the ridiculousness of your own mind, get a great work-out and have Tons of fun!

This workshop offers a safe space to be able to laugh, play, use the creative side of our brains and awaken our inner child-like nature. It is deep work with a lot of tools to take each individual through a journey inside and to release a lot of stuck emotions from past and to experience a state of No-Mind, to Meditate and Relax completely.

A Heart-Opening Experience.

Five benefits of the laughter Yoga

1. When you laugh you feel good and live a better life
Laughter Yoga can change the mood in a few minutes thanks to the flood of endorphins that spread throughout our body, which along with one good mood all seems nicer.

2. When you laugh you get healthier
The laughter Yoga improves the immune system and reduces the level of stress so we get less sick while we are more equipped to deal with the diseases with more chances of recovery.

3. When you laugh you develop better
Our brains need 25% more oxygen than any other organ. Laughter Yoga provides greater intake of oxygen with which we get more active and motivated to improve efficiency and quality in what we do.

4. When you laugh you improve your social life
The quality of our life depends on how many good social relationships they have. The laughter Yoga connects quickly to people including providing moments of union from the heart without judging or being judged.

5. When you laugh your spirit rises
We all know that it is easier to laugh when things are going well, but how to laugh in the difficult moments of life. The laughter Yoga makes us have a positive mental attitude allowing us to face life with a smile.


Along with a personal, deep experiential journey this training will also provide participants with the complete knowledge and confidence to be able to lead different kinds of Groups of people in to a LAUGHTER YOGA class or session, Creating more joy, health and happiness. Helping people to release their stress, worry and anxieties. Creating Spiritual Awakening & World Peace by spreading more and more Laughter.


Module 1: Theoretical Foundations History, Characteristics, Physiology and Psychology of laughter, Benefits of laughter.

Module 2: Laughter Yoga Sessions Laugh without Humor or Jokes, Exercises of laughter, How to Create your own Laughter Exercises.

Module 3: The successful Leader Start-up and guide of starting your own laughter Clubs and combining it with what you do.

Module 4: Laughter Yoga Variations How to Laugh Alone, How to lead Laughter classes for Children, Old People, Prisoners, Blind People etc.

Module 5: Laughter Yoga and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan How Laughter yoga is connected with Kundalini Yoga.
Module 6: Practice, Practice and more Practice

Participants will receive:

• Certificate as a leader of laughter Yoga internationally recognized by the school Laughter Yoga University of Dr Kataria, India.

• Laughter Yoga leader Manual

• EBook: Laugh without Reason

• DVD of laughter Yoga resources.

• You get the possibility to work and help others with the laughter Yoga in prisons, hospitals, elderly homes, schools, institutes, Yoga and meditation centers etc, and other sites involved in that association with their unselfish aid work, spreading holistic therapies.

The facilitator comes from a spiritual family in North India. At the age of twenty his search for the true Self became deeper and intensive after receiving a Shaktipath initiation in the holy city of Vrindavan through the grace of his Late Enlightened Master Devraha Baba Ji which gave him a transformative experience of the silent awareness and a blissful state of beingness. Since then he has dedicated his life to deepen that experience. His workshops and classes are very heart opening and create a profound inner silence and self-awareness. He's been studying and practicing meditation Vipassana as Diksha for many years, which brings a great depth, peace, joy and spontaneity into his teachings.
He imparts this trans-formative wisdom through direct transmission of vibrations with less words and more Experience. Presently he is based in Spain and travels around the world giving courses, workshops and classes of Kundalini Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Meditation and Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings.
• Kundalini Yoga Professor Internationally Certified by KRI, USA.
• Professor of laughter Yoga, affiliated with Laughter Yoga University of Dr Madan Kataria, India.
• Professor of Yoga for Children- Childplay Programme by Gurudass Kaur.


Your investment in yourself:

Extremely Early Bird (through Feb 14) - 6500 thb

Early Bird (through Feb 28) - 7500 thb

Regular - 8500 thb

To register and reserve your place for this special yoga laughter immersion please write to or WhatsApp +15106101933

Contact us for registration and for any questions you may have.

We would love to have you with us and laugh our heats open!

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