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One on One Psychodrama Therapy

August 12st - 22th



Experience both the power of the group setting and the intimacy and depth of one on one sessions.

A unique course of our program that combines studying and practicing psychodrama 1:1 alongside participation in a dynamic group therapy.

Psychodrama one on one is fascinating and engages the creative and spontaneous forces of the therapist and the client or, in psychodrama language, the director and the protagonist for the benefit of the therapeutic process. It empowers individuals to develop, to know themselves, to change patterns and behaviors, to learn, and to experience.

This allows individuals to enter a powerful space that operates on multiple dimensions and brings about improvements and better results in a shorter period.

Participants will simultaneously undergo personal psychodrama group therapy, thereby embedding the meaning of psychodrama as a therapeutic tool in the emotional body. This stage is significant since psychodrama is a method that works extensively with the emotional and unconscious body, and it is important to experience this firsthand in a group setting.

Course Outline:

First Stage:

In the first stage, we will learn the building blocks of psychodrama therapy and primarily experience the emotional groundwork for group work through the theatrical space, playback theater, psychodrama, and their integration into the group therapy process.

Psychodrama Foundations - Adapted for Individual Therapy:

Within the framework of the foundations, we will learn several techniques such as doubling, role reversal, sociometry, working with actors, the facilitator as director and actor, the client as an assisting ego, sensory work, working in space with various elements in the room, entering characters within the psyche, body work in psychodrama, combined psychodramatic action techniques with playback in individual work, and creating a psychodramatic therapeutic space.

Second Stage:

We will learn interventions in 1:1 therapy, learning and practicing psychodrama techniques, observing and analyzing complex individual therapy processes in psychodrama, and learning the principles of therapy in individual therapy that combine several therapeutic work methodologies.

We will learn the psychodramatic therapeutic thinking and its implementation, as well as practice seven therapeutic approaches that we found most practical and meaningful from our experience working with psychodrama, such as inner child, parts therapy, here-and-now therapy in space, role theory, defense mechanisms, dreams and psychodrama, spontaneity and creativity in the therapeutic process, and more.

Analysis and Review:

As part of the learning process, we will observe a private psychodrama therapy process and perform an analysis in class from three perspectives:

  • Directing: What could have been done differently in terms of directing on the psychodrama stage?

  • Analysis: Thinking that analyzes and explores different intervention methods in therapy combined with psychodrama.

  • Therapy: What was the therapeutic value of the psychodramatic interventions performed?

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