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Founder & Program Director

Shay is a certified psychodrama therapist for groups and individuals and holds a MA in Educational Psychology from Northeastern University, USA.

In his work he combines both eastern and western knowledge.

Shay has established and is the director of the successful training program for Group Facilitators and Psychodrama in "Tiltan" College  in which he integrates extensive holistic elements.

He has completed several certification programs in a variety of temple arts, such as Kabbalah (the Jewish mystical knowledge), shamanism, Tantra, and holistic relationship therapy.

He is a certified sexologist and sexual therapist, Haifa University, Israel.

He gives multiple deep training workshops for relationships and “reality creation”, and workshops that combine his knowledge in Psychodrama, tantra, and shamanism.

My vision:

After eight years of training psychodrama therapists (a two year program) and from recognizing the need for the powerful psychodrama tools for group facilitators and therapists seeking to improve their working skills with groups, I decided to develop this special, targeted training for therapists and group facilitators who want to incorporate psychodrama into their clinics and groups.

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