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Improve and playback

The therapeutic theater course focuses on the Playback Theater Approach - improvisational theater composed of life stories, and the therapeutic space between this approach and psychodrama.

The course teaches and demonstrates how therapeutic theater allows the individual to expand their perspectives of experiences in life.

It provides an opportunity for healing and transformation, and for choosing a course of action which will lead to more happiness and health. This process is supported and enhanced by the dramatic space, the power of the stage and the power of the group.

The course combines theoretical and experiential learning in both individual and group dynamics.

Course goals :

  • Exposure to the world of theater and drama therapy

  • Acquiring tools for directing dramatic scenes

  • Learning techniques of improvisation and dramatic play

  • Introduction of basic concepts and practical tools in Playback Theater

  • The use of Playback Theater as a therapeutic technique that combines elements of psychodrama in theatrical scenes, as well as therapeutic interventions in narrative for the processing and transformation of emotional content


  • Playback Theater - Various "repetition" tools and techniques of conflicts and stories

  • Therapeutic interventions in the scene and dramatic action

  • The Encounter - the role of the actor, the facilitator, the therapist, the director, the narrator and the audience in Playback theater

  • "Dramatic listening" to the story and its modes of adaptation to a theatrical event

  • Therapeutic listening to the story, correcting, re-directing the narrative in a healing way

  • Tools and techniques of improvisation and dramatic play

August 1 - 10 , 2019 (Sunday off)

14:45 - 17:15

300 euro

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