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2 - 21 August 2021

Koh Phangan, Thailand


Psychodrama and working with the group dynamics empowers a person's ability to develop, recognize them self, change patterns and behaviors, to learn and to experience .

The group invites us to enter a powerful space that expands and works in several dimensions and allows for amazing results.

Main topics

  • "Here and now" relationships: Psychodrama tools for group therapy, based on the content that arises from the moment, with an emphasis on the relationships in the group.

  • Group Dynamic: Managing conflicts and confrontations in the group, and turning them into tools for  growth and emotional development.

  • Open instruction of psychodrama on stage: This is the heart of classical psychodramatic work, when the facilitator is required to be simultaneously in three hats - therapist, analyst and director, while leading group dynamics.

  • Working with groups - the core of psychodrama,  which incorporates: directing theater, playback as a therapeutic tool, improvisation and movement.

Who is this training for:

Facilitator Track

A practical and focused program that will provide tools for group facilitators, educators, social workers and group therapists to integrate psychodrama into their group practice.

  • Education and teaching personnel, organizational consultants and managers, psychotherapists and clinical psychologists, social workers, graduates in psychology and social work, group facilitators.

Personal Development Track

Open to everyone who wishes to immerse into a deep process of self inquiry, realization and transformation!

  • Individuals interested in experiencing 3 weeks of Psychodrama for personal development and healing (No academic / experience requirements to join, personal interview only)

Admission Requirements (for practitioners) :

Personal interview (via phone), relevant studies and training in the therapeutic field or experience as group facilitators who are not therapists.

Those who complete the group facilitators foundation track will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to continue to advanced modules towards a certification in Group Facilitation focused on Psychodrama & Expressive Stage Arts.

Course structure and contents:
The process is divided into two stages:

Foundation level - We will learn the basics for group work through the stage platform, playback theater and psychodrama and their integration into the group therapy process.

~ Creating a therapeutic space

~ Psychodrama foundations

~ Theater as a therapeutic tool and turning a stage into a "potential space"

~ Guiding playback theater in a therapeutic group

~ Group Psychoanalysis and “Here & Now” Psychodrama focused therapy

Advanced level - We will learn group interventions in sensitive situations, group diagnosis and adapting the content to each type of group. We will go deeper into the therapeutic work that becomes possible with the methods of psychodrama and therapeutic theater.

  • Managing interpersonal conflicts with psychodrama tools

  • Leading classical psychodrama

  • Specializing in three basic models for psychodrama facilitation.

  • Working with a timeline, Intra psychic psychodrama, working with the “here and now” of group relationships

  • Understanding and analyzing the possibilities of on-stage therapy, based on various approaches - Current psychological approaches (including cognitive behavioral psychology, inner child therapy), and approaches based on traditional teachings (including shamanism, kabbalah, tantra)

  • Advanced models in drama therapy for diagnosis and flexibility in the work process according to the needs of the group - among others - role theory

Additional details & prices:

  • Early bird registration (ongoing till April 15th) - 2,200 Euros (plus VAT)

  • Regular registration - 2,400 Euros (plus VAT)

The price includes:

  • 3 weeks of full program training that include all classes in our schedule ,  09:00 -17:30 , Sundays are off, once a week there will be a longer learning day. 

  • A delicious, abundant, vegetarian lunch buffet.

  • A certificate for those that graduate from the therapist training program.

Accommodation may be included for those who would like to stay at the beautiful resort where the training will take place (for an additional cost) - please note this during registration.

Price doesn't include transportation & Insurance (or anything not mentioned above)

Contact us for registration and for any questions you may have.

We would love to have you with us and take a step onto the stage of your life!





Psychodrama empowers a person's ability to develop, recognize them self, change patterns and behaviors, to learn and to experience .
The group invites us to enter a powerful space that expands and works in several dimensions and allows for amazing results.




"The ability to take care of ourselves and our surroundings is an ability given to everyone.This does not contradict the need to use body and mind experts when necessary.At the same time, we have the opportunity to be aware at any given moment of what we feel, to understand what oppresses us and to know that every given situation has a natural response that can advance the process and bring us back to balance. "
Dr. Edward Bach


This is a very Powerful and Mind-Blowing training in which you will practice Laughter Exercises, Laughter through Chakras, Laughter Breathing Techniques, Laughter Mantras, Laughter Tantra, Laughter Meditation, Gibberish and complete Relaxation. You will learn how to laugh unconditionally at the ridiculousness of your own mind, get a great work-out and have Tons of fun!

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